Comprehensive Accounting

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Our main focus is on the overall organization of accounting and business processes. We offer a range of professional accounting services, tax, labor law and insurance consulting. Our main principles are compliance with good practices, individual approach, fair treatment, and secure storage of your data and documents.

Comprehensive Accounting Services

Accounting services in accordance with the current regulations of the accounting, tax and social security legislation.

Human resource management

Preparation of all documents on the movement of staff in the company.

We will assist you in every step

We offer a full range of services in the field of accounting and finance, business consulting, tax and legal consulting, internal and independent audit in strict compliance with Bulgarian law and protect the interests of our clients. One of the key elements for the success of your business is to find an accounting consultant who will provide you with appropriate and timely solutions to all accounting needs. A partnership built on an individual attitude towards your business needs.

We are together because we believe in positive teamwork and we know that the ideas, knowledge and work of our entire team guarantee quality services. We provide continuous training and opportunities to develop their skills, abilities and competencies. We strongly believe in the right partnership and we know that this is the price of our success.

  • Preparation of an individual chart of accounts;
  • Development of accounting policy;
  • Chronological record keeping;
  • Preparation of accounting reports;
  • Monthly and annual accounting closing.

Our expert advice for optimizing administrative processes and documents, combined with an effective system for their implementation, lead to higher levels of employee engagement and improve the corporate identity of our customers. With SIS Finance you limit the administrative costs for your business and gain access to knowledge and experience that will enhance your success!

  • Registration of employment contracts;
  • Representation for institutions;
  • Payroll information processing;
  • Loading bulk payment files;
  • Preservation of official files of employees.
for small and medium companies


  • You receive personal accounting services.
  • Increase your productivity by focusing on your core business.
  • You receive a full range of accounting services with the help of modern information systems and established standards of work.
  • You save costs on job creation, specialized training and optimize the cost of expensive accounting software.
  • You receive synthesized information on important financial and accounting indicators.
  • Timely preparation of all necessary reports, declarations and financial statements and their submission in time to the relevant institutions.
  • We value the long-term, loyal and accurate relationship with you, respecting complete confidentiality in the processing of documents and protection of your interests.

Accounting firm or employment accountant - what's the difference?

There will be a difference in costs between hiring an accountant and using the services of an accounting firm. First of all, if you hire an employee, you will have to take into account benefits, bonuses, salary costs, funds for specialized training and annual salary increases. On the other hand, if you rent an accounting firm, you will pay for the services you need. You instantly receive highly qualified service from experienced and trained experts.

If you need basic services that are clear and you have accountants specializing in your industry, they will probably do a great job for you, but know that they are a little more limited than the services that the accounting firm will offer you.

When you decide an accounting firm to work with the finances of your business, you will have a whole team of accountants with different specializations and areas of expertise that can be useful to you when you have more in-depth questions or are looking for a unique service or audit. By hiring just one accountant, you are giving up the experience of an entire company at your fingertips.

When hiring an internal accountant, you will need to purchase equipment and accounting software to take care of your finances, which adds costs to your overall accounting and financial budget. The accounting firm, which uses this type of program every day, will now work with the most high-tech and state-of-the-art equipment on the market. You will receive full support with accounting services with the help of modern information systems and established standards of work.

Depending on the financial support you need, it's good to know that there will probably be times when your accountant won't have much to do. You need to plan his tasks every day to use the capacity of the employee effectively. That is why many small and medium-sized companies choose to trust an accounting firm. You only pay for the services you need, not a year-round salary. For many companies, this fixed fee is much more cost effective.

If you choose an internal accountant, you will want to choose one that handles additional tasks and financial services as your company grows. If you are looking for an accounting firm, you will want to choose one with experienced and trained experts that can handle everything your growing industry has to entrust to it. It is usually easier to work with an accounting firm because they have more employees who specialize in your industry. But that doesn't mean the internal accountant can't handle your growth either. Whichever option you choose, make sure it is scalable and can adapt to the growth of your company.