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Be sure, not just insured.

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We offer a variety of insurance products, ensuring reliability. Precisely selecting the right insurance, we provide the highest quality business services. Our mission is to be a symbol of stability and competence in the field of insurance.

Professional Responsibility

Provides protection in connection with your professional activity and coverage of your liability.

Property insurance

Coverage for losses or damages to movable and immovable property.

Construction insurance

Protection against damage to a construction site, machine or equipment.

Car insurance

Осигурява защита на автомобилите със застраховка Каско и Гражданска отговорност.

Cargo and CMR insurance

Covers the responsibility from the moment of loading to the moment of unloading of goods.

Financial insurance

Protect businesses from financial damage that may occur as a result of accidents.

We will assist you in every step

Bet on safety

As a business owner, you face various challenges and circumstances. Having a reliable insurance broker and personalized professional insurance provides you with security and peace of mind.

Professional liability insurance provides protection in connection with your professional activity and coverage of your liability. Minimize the risks in your capacity as a manufacturer or trader, employer, tenant or specialist in a particular profession. This type of insurance covers damages caused by the insured as a result of voluntary or involuntary failure to perform his professional duties.

Protect your business from unforeseen circumstances. Look to the future with confidence.

Keep your balance

As a construction business owner, investor or contractor, you carry a high risk of property damage and liability for the life and health of workers, employees and citizens. It is extremely important to insure all risks when performing construction and installation activities.

During the building or renovating buildings, the emphasis is on safety, security and functionality. Construction insurance provides protection against damage to a construction site, machine or equipment that occurred during the execution of construction activities.

Attention to detail is essential in construction. We at SIS Broker provide a better and more secure future for your business!

Protection, peace of mind and coverage for your business

The sustainable development of any business depends on minimizing the risks and uncertainties we face in our daily lives. Financial insurance protects your business from financial damage that can occur as a result of accidents, property damage, professional misconduct, workers' claims and other situations.

Having accurate coverage is crucial to minimizing the negative impact of claims. Together we will make the most appropriate choice of insurer, based on your individual needs and the most favorable tariff conditions of insurance at the moment.

Take out insurance and ensure financial stability for your business!

We provide you with peace of mind

Cargo insurance is suitable for any company that carries out activities related to the transport of goods, goods and objects, providing them with coverage in case of loss or damage during import, export or re-export.

We at SIS Broker also offer personal insurance solutions for individuals or legal entities that perform freight forwarding or transport activities. The CMR insurance covers your liability from the moment of loading to the moment of unloading of the goods and covers any absence or damage of the cargo and the exact time of its delivery. Provides protection of the carrier's own liability against risks related to its activities.

We think about your peace of mind along the way. One solution. Many benefits. Relax. You are insured with SIS Broker.

Protection under one roof

Through property insurance you provide the convenience that every business needs, namely the protection of your property, office equipment, machinery, equipment, goods and materials in stock. This insurance provides coverage for losses or damages to movable and immovable property owned by your company.

We at SIS Broker will offer you an individual package of combined coatings to protect your business.

With us you receive insurance products supported by expert advice, professional service and long-term partnership. Do you have a working and successful business? Take care of your assets by insuring them!

Choose security

With Car Insurance you are prepared for the most unexpected on the road. The products provide insurance protection against a wide range of risks to make you feel safe and secure for your car like never before.

Car insurance includes several types of insurance, which depending on the subject of insurance are mandatory and voluntary. The object of insurance are persons with registered office in the Republic of Bulgaria who are owners, users, holders or drivers of motor vehicles.

Choose security while on the road.

in the future!

Who are our insurances aimed at?

  • Holders of material interests on goods transported by:
  • Overground road and rail transport;
  • Water transport;
  • Transport and forwarding companies.

Companies and undertakings which, in the course of their normal activities, may harm third parties, the liberal professions, private medical practices or industries.

  • Holders of material interests related to:
  • Real estate;
  • Movable property;
  • Production;
  • Finished goods and goods in stock;
  • Other interests related to property.

These insurances cover financial losses of persons, which have occurred after non-fulfillment of conditions under contracts for provision of goods and / or services.
The insurance covers:

  • The risk of a commercial bank granting a loan to a natural or legal person from suspension of payments, insolvency and / or insolvency of the borrower;
  • Homogeneous loan portfolios with similar risk;
  • Single loans with high value and individual risk profile;
  • Commercial credit insurance.

Owners and tenants of construction machinery and equipment. The insurance provides coverage against all risks of loss or damage of construction works, construction machinery, construction facilities and equipment, costs for clearing the remains after an insurance event of the contractor - the contracting authority, contractor and subcontractors during the construction of the site and during of the warranty period.

Casco and Civil Insurance is intended for individuals and legal entities that own motor vehicles.
Car insurance includes:

  • Civil Liability Insurance;
  • Personal Accident Insurance;
  • Motor hull insurance;
  • Roadside assistance;
  • Legal protection.